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Pastures new for police horse Pern!

By Larissa Chapman

General news

08 February 2012 16:31

A long-serving Northumbria Police recruit is heading off to pastures new. There'll be 'neigh' more work for police horse Pern who is retiring after 16 years with the force.  The 17hh chestnut gelding has been a 'mane player' with the Mounted Section since he was just four. He’ll be seeing out the rest of his days at the Horse Trust in Buckinghamshire, an organisation that specialises in offering respite and retirement to the country’s working horses from places such as police forces and the army. 

"Pern has been a fantastic police horse and there are certainly going to be a lot of sad people at the Mounted Section when he leaves, said sergeant Andy Cross. "He’s a fearless and reliable horse and over the years has been responsible for helping to train many of the younger, inexperienced horses."

During his career, Pern has policed football matches, demonstrations, royal visits and other high profile events all over the country. Unfortunately, he now suffers from arthritis and will leave the force on February 13th.

Andy Cross added: "A police horse has a very demanding job and sadly Pern's old bones can't stand up to the rigours of four hours a day out patrolling anymore. He’s done amazingly well to last in a working environment for over 16 years and he’s definitely ready for a well-earned rest."

Jeanette Allen, Chief Executive of The Horse Trust said, "Pern is the first horse to be retired to The Trust from Northumbria Mounted Police and we are delighted to welcome him to our stables. "He will be joining our family of retired, working horses that have served their country and community and those less fortunate animals in need of special treatment. "I’m sure Pern will be very happy in his new home after his long service with the police and he will be a lovely addition to our herd of horses."