Donkeys are work animals in India but they can still have good homes

Donkeys are work animals in India but they can still have good homes

Indian family 'rescued' by Devon donkey sanctuary

By Justine Thompson

General news

16 February 2010 16:24

An Indian family have been rescued from the brink of financial ruin thanks to the Devon-based Donkey Sanctuary.

The charity runs a donkey fostering scheme in India, providing treatments, education and support to the country’s donkey owners, as well as finding good homes for any rescued animals.
Last year one of the sanctuary’s vets, Dr Ramesh, met a woman whose husband had died, leaving the family in severe financial difficulties.

 Mrs Ramilaben Vanzara and her two sons had been struggling under the burden of a loan with little hope of meeting the repayments. After completing suitability assessments, the Sanctuary was pleased to deliver two donkeys for the family to foster.

With the help of their foster donkeys, the family was able to generate enough income to ease their financial worries.

Son Dipak Vanzara recently told the Donkey Sanctuary: “We are glad to say we have repaid the loan amount completely last month and are now free from all our debts, which we have been struggling to repay for the past nine years.

“My mother is very happy that we can now live our lives in pride and happiness.”

Dr Ramesh said: “This family are very good owners and that is the reason they were selected for the fostering scheme.

“We as a team in Ahmedabad are very moved and touched by this incident, we knew that the fostering scheme would help many poor families but didn’t realise that we could bring about so much happiness and change people’s lives.”

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