Actor Martin Clunes meets Monty Roberts in ITV documentary

By Rebecca Gibson

General news

18 August 2010 13:03

Actor and horse owner Martin Clunes will star in a new two-part documentary that seeks to unlock the secrets of man’s partnership with the horse.

From remotest Mongolia to the deserts of Arabia, Martin goes on a journey find out how humans managed to tame such a huge, fearful prey animal. “I wanted to find out how this animal became so important to us,” Martin says. “How did they become both our servant and our friend?”

During his travels Martin meets the famous horse whisperer Monty Roberts. “His theory is that it’s all about love, if they know that you love them and care for them they will do anything you want,” Martin says.

On his experience of making the documentary Martin says: “It has changed the way I look at horses and changed the way I ride my horse Chester, it has changed all sorts of things.”

The first episode of Horsepower will be aired on ITV1 this Sunday at 9pm. The second episode will be shown the following Sunday at 9pm.