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The Posture App can help you identify crookedness both in the saddle and out The Posture App can help you identify crookedness both in the saddle and out
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Improve your riding and posture with new alignment app

By Katy Islip

General news

20 August 2012 11:25

A new smartphone app is aiming to help riders perfect their posture both in and out of the saddle.

The Personal Best Posture App allows riders to take photos of themselves with a posture grid so they can assess their alignment through ear, shoulder, hip and heel, enabling them to address any crookedness and use the app’s corrective exercises to address postural faults.

It was created by Louise Broom, a chartered physiotherapist and BHSAI who runs Personal Best, offering rider physiotherapy and performance analysis.

She says: “We are all familiar with the idea of ear, shoulder, hip and heel when mounted but how many of us achieve this before we even set one foot in the stirrup? The Personal Best posture app allows riders to take photographs of themselves standing or mounted and assess their alignment.”

Louise specialises in getting riders back in the saddle as soon as possible after injury, and also helps riders improve their alignment, balance, flexibility and strength through video analysis, mechanical horse exercises and dismounted exercise programmes.

The Posture App costs £1.99 and is available from iTunes, while you can find out more about Louise’s work at www.personalbest.me.uk