Robert Whittaker is one of the HOYS qualifiers

Robert Whittaker is one of the HOYS qualifiers

Top ten show jumpers at HOYS

By Justine Thompson

General news

24 August 2009 14:49

The top ten show jumpers who have automatically qualified for the Horse of the Year Show International classes have been announced.

They were drawn from the British Show Jumping Association rankings as at July 31 2009 and are:

1. NICK SKELTON - (Warwickshire)
2. BEN MAHER - (Hertfordshire)
3. ROBERT WHITAKER - (West Yorkshire)
4. BILLY TWOMEY - (Cheshire)
5. JOHN WHITAKER MBE - (West Yorkshire)
6. PETER CHARLES - (Hampshire)
7. LAURA RENWICK - (Essex)
8. MICHAEL WHITAKER - (Nottinghamshire)
9. GUY WILLIAMS - (Kent)
10. TIM GREDLEY - (Essex)

There are still two opportunities for four more British riders to qualify for the show. The first wildcard qualifier will be held at Unex Towerlands in Essex, September 11-13, and the second at Arena UK, Lincs, September 23-25. Two riders will qualify from each venue. 

The International classes at HOYS start on Thursday October 8, and finish with the Leading Show Jumper of the Year class at Sunday’s Gala Evening performance.

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