Understanding worming

By Allison Lowther

General news

23 April 2012 14:22

Worming your horse can often be confusing - knowing what to worm when and how often are common queries. Pfizer Animal Health, manufacturer of the market leading equine wormers EQUEST & EQUEST PRAMOX, has unveiled a brand new website www.wormingyourhorse.info, to help. This website aims to make it easier for us to understand and follow the most up-to-date principles of sustainable worm control.

Based on Pfizer’s popular Manage, Test, Plan, Dose campaign, the new website takes all the confusion out of worming your horse with clear, logical and easy-to-understand guidance and advice.

The four main sections use a combination of diagrams and text to explain how and why it’s so important to manage the worm challenge on the pasture; the role of faecal worm egg counts (FWECs); how history and management play a part in planning the best worm control programme and how to choose and use the right wormer at the right time of year.

There’s also an interactive and educational parasite page that shows the parasites that can affect the health of your horse. You can even see what each parasite looks like, their lifecycle and the symptoms they can cause.  

Paul Blanc, Pfizer’s equine brand manager said: “In developing our new website we have listened carefully to what horse owners really want and need to know. The result is a source of plain-speaking, unbiased facts and advice, providing horse owners with the most current thinking on sustainable worm control in a format they can really identify with.”

Visit www.wormingyourhorse.info and bring clarity to your worm control programme.