Fullolife helps your horse stay fit and health

By Allison Lowther

Gear news

21 November 2011 11:07

Fullolife produce a range of nutritional oil based supplements to help keep your horse fit and healthy all year round. The range includes Pure Cod Liver Oil, High Strength Joint Care and Soya Oil. These complementary oils are designed to help promote the best of health whilst providing a nutritionally formulated blend containing essential nutrients and vitamins.


Fullolife Pure Cod Liver Oil is a pure and natural conditioner that provides an excellent source of vitamins A and D, as well as polyunsaturates to help maintain good health, skin and coat. Pure Cod Liver Oil also promotes strong teeth, firm bones and bright eyes and is suitable for all horses and ponies providing them with essential nutrients. £35.99 for 4 litres


Fullolife High Strength Joint Care is a formula designed to help maintain supple and mobile joints which is ideal for both young and veteran horses.

High Strength Joint Care will help those prone to stiffness and joint problems and contains a unique blend of Omega 3 oils. £42.99 for 4 litres


Also in the range is Fullolife Soya Oil, a natural oil supplement to help promote healthy skin and a glossy coat. It contains Omega 6 fatty acids and a source of linolenic acid, Soya Oil provides an excellent source of slow releasing, non-heating energy which can help improve stamina. £17.49 for 4 litres


For more information or to order on line visit  www.fullolife.co.uk or call 01482 701271