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Join the Horslyx Healthy Hooves Challenge

By Allison Lowther

Gear news

29 March 2012 15:25

Join the Horslyx Healthy Hooves Challenge and win 6 months of Horslyx! Good hoof care is essential for the development of hoof growth, horn health and to maintain soundness. Alongside correct farriery, the quality of nutrition our horses receive has a huge impact on their hooves. A poor diet can lead to poor and slow growth rate, hoof cracks and even laminitis.

Every Horslyx contains a comprehensive nutrient package including Biotin - which helps strengthen hooves and can assist hoof health; Methionine - a major building block in the development of healthy connective tissue; and Chelated Zinc - which is vital for the laying down of tough and strong Keratin. Horslyx is also high in oil, which helps encourage a glossy, healthy and shiny coat but also adds to the pliability of the hoof structure.

Horslyx are now inviting customers to take part in a new scheme to see the difference Horslyx can make to their horse’s hooves. The Horslyx Healthy Hooves Challenge is open to all riders and their horses and ponies, whether they are a happy hacker or serious competitor.

Customers will need to send before and after images of their horse’s hooves in order to be entered in to a prize draw with the opportunity for five winners to receive 6 months worth of Horslyx in their chosen formulation! Terms and conditions apply.

To find out more about Horslyx and view the full competition rules visit: www.horslyx.co.uk, or call 01697 332 592