Sylvia Loch and Palomo

Sylvia Loch and Palomo

Perfect your position with Sylvia Loch

By Justine Thompson

Event diary

25 May 2010 10:41

Sylvia Loch first started shaking the horse world to its roots with her groundbreaking book The Classical Seat in l988. Since then she has taught all over the world from New Zealand to Canada, and is the bestselling author of six further books and over 10 training films.

Now Sylvia is available closer to home with a one-off clinic at Myerscough College, Lancs, where she will demonstrate the key elements of Classical Riding. 

To explore the perfect position she will team up with fellow trainers Mary Wanless and Heather Moffett, as they work with a number of horse and rider combinations. ‘Posture and the seat’ will be a constant theme, but all trainers have their own way of achieving it. 

“For me there is only one way to achieve perfect balance...,” says Sylvia, ...”and that is to find the centre! You would be amazed how few people ever do this in their riding. Most dressage riders today are behind the movement.”

All three trainers agree that it is the horse who finally determines the effectiveness of rider position, and of course each and every aid must be considered.

On the day, novice, elementary and advanced horses will be worked by the three highly individual trainers, in what promises to be a day of enlightenment, fun and possibly even some good old controversy!

Audience participation is also invited with a generous questions & answers session and all three trainers working together at the end of a very full day.

Tickets are just £15.00 per whole day (9.30 am - 5.30 pm), or £l2 for Classical Riding Club members and children under 14. Tickets available from The Classical Riding Club, Eden Hall, Kelso, Scottish Borders, TD5 7QD with cheque and SAE. For more go to and