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Active Rider offer a multitude of fun courses for horse owner development

Event diary

29 May 2008 15:13

Active Rider was established for people who have their own horses and simply want to progress. This is achieved via development through a multitude of courses, activities and disciplines with excellent trainers and great company at top class facilities. Active Rider courses are generally beneficial for competition riders to hobby riders, with a non-competitive style which creates a superb atmosphere.

A variety of disciplines such as dressage, cross-country, show jumping, and showing training is available as well as, at some events, hands on training to up-skill attendees in topics like feeding, course walking, horse massage, have a go at side saddle and even NLP sessions.

Events planned in the near future include:

  • June 21 Active Combined Training with Sonya Hall, Cheshire £65
  • July 12 Dressage to Music Roadshow, Moreton Equestrian Centre, Dorchester £146
  • July 19 Active Combined Training with Sonya Hall, Cheshire £65 
  • July 19 Dressage To Music Roadshow, Tall Trees, Cornwall £150 


For the full calendar of events and further information check out: www.activerider.co.uk