See the Seven Stars Natural Horsemanship team

By Alan Dawber

Event diary

06 May 2012 19:04

Sunday 1st July 2012, show times 1pm & 3pm, will see a unique event when the young and talented Seven Stars Natural Horsemanship team (Age range 12 to 16 years old) will perform a demonstration of Natural Horsemanship techniques to an audience at HAPPA to celebrate the opening on their new Indoor Arena.

The team members are Saffron Monks, Sarah Harris, Jack Cunliffe and the Old man Alan Dawber will offer a little contribution. This is their first ever demonstration and is testimony to how the youth of today are embracing and realising the ultimate benefits of handling and communicating with their horses in a no violent manner.

These three youngsters are talented young people and know and embrace the concepts and realities of an energy based relationship with their Equines. They will demonstrate desensitisation and how to rehabilitate a horse, plus a Natural Nonviolent method to back (not break) a horse, long reining a preferred method to lunging and as a finale the Beautiful Human To Horse Joining Up Connection.

We have spent months preparing and continue to do so, the horses never lie, wish us luck.

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