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Riders receive Instant Visual Feedback on their dressage performance

By Amanda Stevenson

Event diary

09 July 2008 15:43

Russell Guire of Centaur Biomechanics organised a Rider-Dressage Clinic, helping riders improve their riding and dressage marks. The first event of its kind, it was held at Radway Equestrian Centre and was a sell-out.

The clinic had two elements. Firstly Felicity Scott, a well-known dressage judge, assessed tests as if in competition and then analysed them with each rider, discussing the various movements and marks. The second element utilised a powerful training tool - visual feedback.

Supporting the judges remarks, the rider could see their test projected real-time in the viewing gallery. This gave riders a chance to view their performance and simultaneously discuss with the judge why marks were awarded/deducted. They also received advice on areas where marks could be gained.

Instant Visual Feedback is widely used to great success in other sports. Russell is delighted to be able offer this form of analysis to the industry as a means of helping to improve performance. To finalise the “test” the rider once again rode the same movement allowing comparisons to be made between the two tests.

Felicity Scott commented, “Being able to see the test instantly has definitely allowed all riders on the clinic to make a marked improvement in their test riding.”

Lynne Adams, a rider who took part in the clinic, commented, “Amazing, having the judges comments combined with the instant visual aid definitely made things clearer for me.”

The next Dressage clinic is scheduled for September 27, 2008 and, given the success of the initial clinic, early reservation is recommended.

Additionally Centaur Biomechanics would also be happy to discuss scheduling a clinic at your yard. For more information on the above and to register your place contact Centaur Biomechanics at www.centaurbiomechanics.co.uk.