Your Horse Awards

Unsung Hero of the Year 


After launching the Your Horse awards in September, we’ve been sorting through all the nominees and picked our winner for each category.

Here is our winner of Unsung Hero of the Year:


Lesley Barrand nominated by Kristina Schmidt

I feel Lesley should win this award as she always goes above and beyond for everyone else with often no thought to herself.  I found out I was getting my horse back from being on full loan and didn’t know what to do as I am not working and couldn’t afford to keep her. Lesley stepped up and offered me a solution which was her granddaughter loaning her at weekends which is the best solution I could have found and means I don’t have to think about selling her.

She runs Thurrock Riding Club as Chairman but does it without moaning and without getting anything in return. She will help anyone in need and the horses at her yard come before any owner.

With over 40 years of owning horses and still owning three now, mucking out etc at over 60, she needs some credit for the hard work she’s doing and has done tirelessly over all the years. I think of Lesley as family now, I’ve only known her for five years but she means the world to me and that’s why I’m nominating her.