Your Horse Training Academy 2013

Welcome to the 2013 Your Horse Training Academy!


It’s back and better than ever – your six-month expert training guide designed to boost your flatwork and jumping skills. As we launch our 2013 Your Horse Training Academy we welcome back our hugely popular instructors, dressage rider Spencer Wilton and eventer and show jumper Jay Halim, with in-mag coaching, online video tuition, free audio lessons to download and more!

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Month Six videos

This month Jay gives his advice on how to make sure you inject some fun into your horse's routine between competitions, and Spencer shares his tips for letting your horses relax and wind down following a big competition.

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Month Five videos and audio

This month Jay gives his advice on how to help your horse settle at a competition and enjoy success on the day, and Spencer gives his top tricks for helping you memorise every dressage test and impress the judges.

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Month Four videos and audio

This month Jay gives his advice on how to care for a horse on box rest and also gives his top exercises on bringing him back into work, and Spencer gives his top exercises for keeping your horse mentally alert and switched on after a month's break.

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Month Three videos and audio

This month Spencer explains how to ride a progressive transition to halt from sitting trot through walk, and Jay helps you test your straightness using a simple grid of poles.

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Month Two videos and audio

This month Spencer gives you his top tips on how to ride shoulder-fore on a circle, and Jay explains a simple exercise over poles to help set you up for a full course of fences.

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Month One videos and audio

In the first month we get advice from Spencer on how to make sure your horse is listening to your aids and Jay gives his tips on how to get your foundations set going over poles on the ground before going onto fences.

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Meet your coaches

Find out all about your Training Academy 2013 coaches, dressage rider Spencer Wilton and eventer Jay Halim and watch their introduction videos.

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Training Academy plan for 2013

Take a look at our schedule so you can ensure you don't miss out on training advice.

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The Your Horse Training Academy is kindly sponsored by Albion Saddlemakers