Your Horse Training Academy 2013

Welcome to the 2014 Your Horse Training Academy!


Welcome to the 2014 Your Horse Training Academy. This year your coaches for the next six months are Olympic dressage rider Laura Tomlinson and show jumper Jay Halim.  Our dynamic coaching duo will guide you through the Scales of Training: relaxation, rhythm, contact, impulsion, straightness and collection focusing on one of them each month. These building blocks of training are essential whatever your level or discipline.  

This series is here to help you improve your horse’s way of going with in-mag coaching, online videos and much more!

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Month Six - Collection

In the last of this year’s Training Academy, our two coaches Laura and Jay help you understand collection, and share with you some of the exercises they use to teach their horses to collect.

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Month Five - Straightness

Whether you’re working on the flat or over fences our two coaches Jay and Laura will help you check whether your horse is straight and share with you exercises you can try to improve your straightness.

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Month Four - Impulsion

In this month’s Training Academy we tackle impulsion. Our two coaches Laura and Jay help you recognise what good impulsion is, why it’s important for both flatwork and jumping, plus they give you exercises to try to encourage your horse to move with more energy.

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Month Three - Contact

We move onto improving your contact in this month’s Training Academy. Laura explains what a good contact is and how to achieve it. Jay helps you achieve that all-important correct jumping position and shares with you some of the exercises he uses to help improve your position.

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Month Two - Rhythm

This month we work on rhythm. Laura helps you recognise a good rhythm in walk, trot and canter, and Jay shows you some of the key exercises he uses with his own horses to help achieve that all important rhythm needed for jumping.

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Month One - Relaxation

This month our coaches focus on relaxing your horse. Laura will give some basic exercises to encourage your horse to relax and concentrate, and Jay shows you a few simple polework exercises to help you horse relax and stay calm before you start jumping.

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Meet your coaches

Find out more about this year's Training Academy coaches Jay Halim and Laura Tomlinson

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Training Academy plan for 2014

Take a look at our schedule so you can ensure you don't miss out on training advice.

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The Your Horse Training Academy is kindly sponsored by Albion Saddlemakers