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Weight Control with Baileys Lo-Cal balancer

The laminitis-prone may need to watch their waistlines and avoid excesses of grass or cereals but they still need a fully balanced diet to supply essential nutrients, especially those required for healthy hoof growth.  Baileys Lo-Cal balancer supplies all these in a small volume and, critically, without supplying additional calories.  It contains quality protein, to help build and maintain muscle tone and tissue integrity, plus a full spectrum of vitamins, including B vitamins and biotin, as well as minerals, including zinc and copper.

Lo-Cal also contains important antioxidants plus Yea Sacc1026 to help promote a healthy gut and efficient fibre digestion.  It is fed in small quantities alongside your horse or pony’s normal forage and represents a cost effective answer to maintaining a healthy balanced diet for those who can’t be fed the recommended amount of a traditional compound feed.

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Saracen Horse Feeds - Super Fibre Pencils

This low energy, high fibre feed is a useful and versatile diet for a wide range of situations. Their high fibre content makes them ideal as a partial hay replacer at times when hay is either scarce, expensive or of poor quality. It is important to remember that horses must receive at least 1.5% of their bodyweight as good quality forage, on a dry matter basis, daily. As Super Fibre Pencils are a dust free product they are also an excellent choice to help maintain normal respiratory health.

Older horses that find long forage difficult to chew will also appreciate having them soaked into a mash, which will help to maintain their fibre intake. The low starch and sugar content also makes them a suitable diet for horses and ponies that are prone to laminitis. The low energy content of Super Fibre Pencils makes them an ideal maintenance feed for ‘good doers’ and native breeds that are resting or in light work.

For advice, the Saracen Helpline number is 01622 718487
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