WHW Right Weight Project

Knowing if your horse is at the right weight is difficult enough, but knowing how to deal with it if they aren’t can be even more of a challenge.  How can you tell if he’s chunky because of his breeding or chunky because he’s a bit too well-covered?

The World Horse Welfare Right Weight team of Steffi de Bootman and Samantha Lewis are here to help.
Throughout 2009 we will be visiting various shows, such as Your Horse Live, as well as running roadshows where we visit livery yards to help owners assess their horses’ weight long-term.

Details of where the team will be visiting will be posted on the World Horse Welfare website – – as soon as they are available. 

We also have a free DVD available called ‘Is your horse the right weight?’. 

For individual advice, further details on hosting a road show or to request your own copy of the DVD, please call us on 01953 497217 or email

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