Issue 364



We go behind the scenes at Redwings and find out what goes on at the UK’s largest horse sanctuary plus Your Horse writer Katy Islip gets her ‘L plates’ and tries driving for the very first time. We also interview top event rider and Chinese pin up Alex Hua Tian!





Your Academy instructors up the ante as Spencer Wilton gives you the building blocks for half-pass – renvers, travers and leg-yield while Jay Halim introduces some technical elements of jumping to help you in the arena and on cross-country





- See how two Your Horse readers get on in our special ex-racehorse Private Lessons with trainer Kath Pinnington of the Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre

-Perfect timing - get to grips with cross-country timing with our simple tips and tricks

-Hill work – the 6 exercises that will improve your horse’s performance

-Staying in control when riding bigger horses





-Teach your spooky horse to hack with expert advice from the man who knows how - Richard Maxwell

-Discover how his lungs work and how you can improve his respiratory health

-Expert advice on handling his legs from Australian horse trainer Jason Webb

-Radionics – we delve into this holistic method to find out whether it’s something wonderful or simply weird

- Read up on your options for when your horse





Read our Big test on travel boots and our Buyers’ Guide to buying the right saddle!



AND… Don’t forget the Essential Know-how section where we’ve covered; pulling manes, riding perfect circles, looking after your fields, spotting choke and more!





We’ve got some great prizes up for grabs including; the gorgeous Equi-Trek lorry worth £28,000, Thermatex rugs, a dream riding holiday, arena mirrors and loads of freebies too!


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