Issue 363

The August issue has a bit of everything to keep you entertained, help you improve and enjoy your riding and give your horse the very best care you can. Here’s a little taster of what you can expect…





This month we’ve got a fab feature telling you everything you need to know to enjoy a day trip with your horse plus we take a look at some of the best riding routes in the UK. You can also read up on how to discover unridden routes near you. Plus we’re at home with Mary King as she talks everything from the challenges of her career to date to what she was like at school and her passion for food.





More from your chief instructors Spencer Wilton and Jay Halim as they help you progress your training onto flying changes for dressage, riding dog-leg turns, landing on the right lead and rhythm and straightness for jumping





Anna Ross-Davies helps you achieve lift off with her top advice for bringing your horse off his forehand.

We tackle five common schooling issues including falling out through the shoulders, straightness, struggling to bend one way, inconsistent contact and leaning with expert advice from trainer Darrel Thickitt.

Read what you can learn form western riding as David Deptford shares some Western ideas for every rider to try.

Enjoy two Private Lessons with top event rider Gaby Cooke.





All your catching problems solved - discover why your horse won’t be caught and what you can do about it!

Discover how travelling affects you horse joints, breathing and hydration with expert advice form Dr David Marlin.

We also look inside the hoof to understand; it’s structure, what can go wrong and how to prevent problems





Be reminded of some essential skills or learn something new!




We put stirrups to the test, bring you a Buyer’s Guide to fly masks on the market and take a close look at the new Kentucky Armadillo Aero Cadence Tendon Boots from Kentucky Horsewear.

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