Issue 360

This month we’ve got allsorts to share with you including a special feature focusing on men…yes that’s right, men – we take a sneak peek into the life of a male rider starting out in dressage, plus you can enjoy our up close and personal interview with carriage driver extraordinaire – Boyd Excell. You can even read up on taking a break from the norm with your horse while enjoying the best the UK has to offer on a special horsey holiday!

There’s plenty to get stuck into and here’s a glimpse of what you can expect…





 - If you’ve got a horse that rushes, pulls or bolts read top advice and discover the best way to develop better brakes and take back control

- Soak up our 25 top tips for perfect summer hacking

- Read this month’s Your Horse Clinic where show jumping trainer Barrett Watson helps one rider whose horse keeps clattering through fences

- Don’t miss the latest Private Lesson with dressage rider Dan Sherriff who helps one rider deal with a lack of forwardness and suppleness





- If your horse has had an accident or been massively spooked help him to overcome his deep-rooted fears

- Take the stress and boredom out of box rest with our helpful guide

- Read our vet tips for a smooth and successful foaling





At this time of year we’re dusting off our Sunday best and sprucing up our gear so read our Big Test on competition shirts, Buyers’ Guide to tack cleaning products plus see what’s worth your money (whether you’ve got a little or a lot) in this month’s Bargain to Blowout on showing gear.




Read step-by-step guides in our brand new section including guides to sewing plaits, opening gates while mounted and taking your horse’s temperature, pulse and respiration plus much more!


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