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Issue 396

This month in Your Horse check out our ‘101 ways to enjoy winter’. Some will make you change the way you plan your day, others will revitalise the way you ride in winter and a few, we hope, will simply make you smile during this tough time of year!





- Discover how you can get started in dressage to music today

- Handle your horse’s spooks with expert advice from Richard Maxwell

- Try Claire Lilley’s cavalleti work out and add some variety to your horse’s work





- Keep you horse supple this winter with some simple stretches

- Understand equine stress and how you can help your horse cope

- Get the low down on gastric ulcers with expert advice from Gil Riley

- Learn how to cope if dreaded colic strikes





- See which stable rugs came out on top in our test

- Read our guide to equine insurance to ensure you pick the right policy

- See which waterproof riding gear we recommend





Read our interview Harry Meade and discover hidden bridleways in your area!


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