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Champion launch clothing range

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Allison Lowther, 30 September 2014 16:48

Champion is probably a name your recognise for their high-tech range of riding helmets and body protectors which have been trusted to keep riders of all ages and abilities safe and protected for 35 years. Now you can enjoy the same level of performance from your clothing with the launch of the new Champion clothing collection. The result of a rigorous design ...

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Equetech change filling in their winter coats

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Allison Lowther, 30 September 2014 16:21

Equestrian fashion label Equetech have taken an eco-conscious decision with their new autumn/winter range by ditching duck down as a filling to their winter coat collection and using a technical man-made filling instead. This decision was made based on both customer feedback and also from a moral company standing, as Equetech’s MD and designer Liz Hayman, explains: “As horse riders, we ...

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Research shows horses reduce reoffending

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Becky Statham, 30 September 2014 16:11

A Dorset charity, called TheHorseCourse, which uses horses to rehabilitate violent and disruptive prisoners, has published results that show the method they use is nearly three times more effective at reducing reoffending than other methods. The data shows a 27% point reduction against predicted reoffending among high risk and violent reoffenders. The results are impressive due to the fact that ...

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There’s no stopping the Spanish Riding School stallions now

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Becky Statham, 30 September 2014 12:52

The life of a Lipizzaner stallion from the Spanish Riding School could be compared to that of a top athlete. Each rider works with their horse gently and individually to build up their muscles and prepare them for their performances. The stallions work for the riding school between the ages of 12 and 25, so to ensure optimal health conditions a ...

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Silver for the Brits at penultimate FEI Eventing Nations Cup event

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Katy Islip, 30 September 2014 10:33

The four riders representing Team GB claimed second place at the second-to-last event of the 2014 FEI Eventing Nations Cup series last weekend, despite one rider having to withdraw before the cross-country phase.Sarah Bullimore, Tom McEwen, Nicky Roncoroni and Lucy Wiegersma, plus their mounts, had travelled to Waregem, Belgium, for the event which ran 25-28 September. They finished in second ...


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Wolf teeth

 Hiya my lovely lad Bear is having his two wolf teeth removed in a couple of weeks, how long after having them removed did people find it took their horses mouth to heal? I'll ask the vet when they come, I just want other people's experiences with wolf teeth removal.



  • 30 September 2014 10:11 | Nikki1991

Riding and Training


 From tomorrow, Oct 1st 2014, TREC GB take over the running of the sport of TREC within the UK.

The first weekend see the first qualifier for the TREC GB 2015 championships at Urswick in Cumbria and also the first RS Tor Rider Safety Aid winter series competition at Barnstaple in Devon.

There are several new TREC Clubs sprining up across the country - have a look at or find us on Facebook. Now is the time to get involved!





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i have a new horse who is approx 3 years old ISH lovely friendly mare who is nice and quiet. In very light work  (ground work 3 x week  and 10/15 minute hack twice week).  She is slim and needs to put on some weight especially before winter sets in.  I have to admit i am very confused about the dufferent feeds u get but someone (who i trust) suggested pink powder, sunflower oil and calm and conditioner. I have been giving her some chaff for the past couple of weeks and now looking to increase for weight gain ...

  • 29 September 2014 22:11 | Susan1980
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