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Five steps to join up

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Kelly Marks, 16 August 2013 14:57

Follow Kelly Marks' simple tips to communicate with your horse in his language... 1. Find a suitable enclosure – a 15m/50ft round pen is best, but a school is fine, as is using electric fencing (switched off!) to create a pen. Make larger spaces smaller or block off corners with jump wings and poles. 2. With his headcollar on, bring ...

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Join Up with Kelly Marks

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Kelly Marks, 13 June 2013 12:43

Watch Kelly Marks demonstrate the amazing process of Join Up with a student horse on one of her five-day Foundation courses. Find out more about Kelly and her work at

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Tips for a long ride

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Kelly Marks, 04 August 2010 09:51

Inform someone of the route you plan to take - or at least leave a note at your stables Mobile phone - very handy, especially as you can now get them with cameras and even a GPS system. Check your horse is OK with your ringtone, though. Swiss army knife - again very useful, as some can act as a ...

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My horse won’t stop when asked...

Kelly Marks, Riding

18 September 2008 12:41

2 answers

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She's a nightmare on the lunge!

Kelly Marks, Riding

21 August 2008 14:43

1 answer

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My Friesian filly barges into me side-on...

Kelly Marks, Natural

18 August 2008 16:00

9 answers