Laminitis | Veterinary Advice

It’s one of the leading causes of lameness in the UK, but thanks to all the research that’s being done, our horses now stand a better chance of surviving a laminitis attack – and avoiding this deadly condition in the first place.

Here, we bring you the latest information, research and expert advice from the UK’s top vets, farriers, nutritionists and alternative therapists so you can help keep your horse laminitis free.

Laminitis survey

Do you find laminitis confusing? Well you’re not alone! Fill out our survey and let us know what worries you about laminitis. We’ll be publishing the results in a future issue!

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Laminitis trigger factors

In addition to being overweight, there are other possible triggers of laminitis. We list what you should look out for...

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5 ways to help prevent laminitis

Take a look at our top tips to help prevent your horse from getting laminitis which includes looking at his weight, exercising regularly and more.

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What to do when the condition strikes

If your horse develops laminitis you must treat it as an emergancy. Take a look at our advice so you're clued up incase it happens to you.

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