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Hit-Air vests are lightweight and flexible for ultimate comfort and freedom of movement. The air bag is triggered when you and your horse part company, inflating in 0.25 seconds to provide a stabilising, shock-buffering system protecting your neck, spine, chest, ribcage, lower back and vital organs. 

There are several things that make the Hit Air Vest a little different including it inflates outwards so you don’t get winded as it inflates and the vest is the airbag – it’s not contained within the jacket, which makes it more comfort and easier to wear.

Hit-Air Air Vest is one of the only two air jackets available on the market. These are designed to inflate if you fall off, providing additional protection to your back, neck and vital organs. They are reusable - simply replace the CO2 canister and your air jacket is ready to use again

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The safest way to wear your air jacket is over the top of your body protector. You can wear them on their own for riding at home – they’ll protect you if you fall off, but for UK competition, you have to wear a BETA-approved Level 3 body protector underneath your air vest

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