Carry out a tack safety check

By Kay Hastilow

Tack and equipment advice

24 May 2012 11:43

Tack cleaning can be a chore, but regularly ensuring everything is safe could save your life. Master saddler Kay Hastilow has this advice.


Crucial areas are those holding the bridle together, so check:

- Straps are in good condition
- Buckles are secure and aren’t bent.
- Stitching is sound
- There’s no excessive wear on the turn where the cheekpieces and reins attach to the bit
- The bit has no sharp edges and isn’t wearing through


Points of strain are potential failure points so check:

- Girth straps for wear, especially on the back, and make sure holes aren’t splitting. Check all stitching, and that all straps are securely stitched to the girth web
- Buckles and stitching on girths, ensure fabric girths aren’t worn and keep leather ones supple
- Stirrup bars are sound and keep thumb bars well oiled
- Stirrup leathers for wear on the turns, and stitching and holes