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The Point Two ProAir is a lightweight, durable air vest which inflates in a 10th of a second. The air jacket is inflated by a canister of C02, stored on the front of the jacket – when you are separated from your saddle, the canister is activated by the release of a lanyard clipped from the jacket onto an attachment on your saddle triggering the vest to inflate. 

The ProAir provides protection to all the major thoracic and upper abdominal organs, the spine and the collar of the neck. It also helps guard against crushing injuries in the event of a rotational fall.

This is one of only two air jackets currently on the market. They are designed to inflate if you fall off, providing additional protection to your back, neck and vital organs. They are reusable – simply replace the CO2 canister and your air jacket is ready for action again. 

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The safest way to wear your air jacket is over the top of your body protector. You can wear them on their own for riding at home – they’ll protect you if you fall off, but for UK competition, you have to wear a BETA-approved Level 3 body protector underneath your air vest

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