In-hand showing: What to wear

By Your Horse

Riding advice

18 April 2010 15:49

The opinions on attire differ greatly.  Some people like to be dressed in riding clothes such as:

● Cream or white jodhpurs.
● A white shirt, stock and pin.
● A riding hat (and hairnet if you have long hair).
● A show jacket.
● Long leather riding boots.

Others prefer to dress in smart every-day clothing, such as smart trousers or a skirt, shirt and tie, and sensible shoes. In this case it is not necessary to wear a riding hat. However, at affiliated shows and under National Pony Society rules, children under the age of 14 must wear a properly secured, British Standard riding hat, when showing in-hand.

Kerry Wainwright says “If you don’t wear a hat and have long hair, make sure it’s tied back because it’s important to look smart. “I always wear gloves, too, as a safety precaution. If your horse pulls away from you, your hands are protected.”