10 winter stretches: Rounding the pelvis

By Amanda Sutton

Seasonal guides

14 December 2009 11:31

Short winter days can make it difficult to ride, but here are simple ground work exercises to help maintain your horse’s fitness and mobility through the cold winter months.

To round the pelvis, follow this guide:

- With the horse standing square, position yourself to one side and stroke the muscles briskly on one side of his rump, from just opposite the jumper’s bump (the highest point of the horse’s quarters) to the tail.

- Press one thumb on the soft tissue just to the side of the jumper’s bump, and run it firmly down to the top of the tail – see pic, right. Your other hand is placed on the jumper’s bump so you can feel it rise. Hold for a count of one-two and relax. Repeat this two times on each side.

- Massage the area and then relax.