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If you are struggling to spice up your schooling sessions or just want some advice on how to make them more effective, take a look at our advice to get the most out of your time in the school.

Training green horses

Watch advice from experts Lauren Shannon, Diane Thurman Baker and Nick Turner on training a green horse and helping him grow with confidence.

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Guide to interval training

To boost your horse‚Äôs fitness and stamina, incorporate interval training into his work. We speak to riding at speed expert, Mark Smith, who gives his expert guide.

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Schooling in 35 minutes

We know Your Horse readers are busy people with jobs to do, children to feed as well as horses to ride. Here Spencer Wilton sets out a time frame to ensure that you can fit your schooling session neatly into 35 minutes.

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Warm-up for schooling

Before riding you should always warm yourself and your horse properly to avoid injury, expert Anne Ratcliffe gives her advice on the perfect schooling warm-up

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How to calm your horse

Is your horse too hot to handle? Does he spook at every opportunity? If so he needs to calm down and relax! We speak to International Eventer Ruth Mazet who gives us an exercise that puts the horse into a state of submission and obedience.

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