Why try fun rides?

By Larissa Chapman

Riding advice

17 August 2012 13:24

If you are wondering why you should go on a fun ride instead of just going out for a hack, take a look at why we love it...

- It’s safer - you come across a variety of hazards in a controlled environment

- You get access to areas you’d never normally be allowed to ride on

- You meet new people and have the chance to ride in different sized groups

- It’s inspiring and you can set yourself time goals and challenges along the way

- It’s great for you and your horse’s fitness

- It’s great for balance and helping him learn where to put his feet on different terrain

- Gets your horse used to a busy and exciting environment

- And what’s more… IT’S FUN (there’s also a biscuit and a rosette waiting for you at the end)!


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