Find the right instructor

By Emily Baker

Riding advice

24 May 2012 10:54

An instructor who understands you and your horse makes all the difference to your progress, but finding your perfect match can be a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack. Use these tips from classical trainer and NLP practitioner Emily Baker to find your ideal instructor.

- Don’t be afraid to seek recommendations – ask your friends why they like
their instructor

- Decide if you want  a specialist or someone with a broader knowledge base

- If you’re interested in competition, make sure you choose someone who’s up  to date with the current rules  for your discipline.

- Investigate their style of teaching – ask if you can come and watch a lesson first

- Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their knowledge/background

- Check your potential instructor is fully first aid trained and has insurance

- Have a trial lesson and don’t be afraid to admit if the relationship isn’t going to work

- Make sure you feel comfortable talking to them – you need to feel able to ask for extra help

- Discuss your goals You need to make sure your instructor is supportive and will actively help you achieve them

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