Parelli at Your Horse Live 2008: Part 3

By Parelli

Natural horsemanship videos

25 February 2009 09:43

Would you like a more relaxed and easy partnership with your horse?

Watch this video of Parelli Natural Horsemanship at work and you’ll see that it is possible - even if it requires dedication and understanding on your part.

The demo filmed at Your Horse Live in November shows some of the Parelli instructors working with their horses on lunge lines and at liberty – and it’s an impressive sight.

They are all guided by the Dean of the Parelli Program, Neil Pye.

This was filmed at Your Horse Live 2008.  To see what's on at this year's Your Horse Live, click here...

Video 3
Does your horse still want to be with you when you remove his headcollar and lead rope?

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