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Saddlecloth test

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Allison Lowther, 11 April 2014 16:29

Find out how six dressage saddlecloths faired in this month’s Big Test. You can watch them being used by our tester Yvette Daish on her dressage horse Minty, simply click on the link below. She rode in each saddlecloth for approximately 20 minutes and assessed the design and fit of each of them. Before making her decision on which one ...

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Make sure your new yard is the perfect fit

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Sam Lewis, 10 April 2014 10:09

Moving yards can be a stressful business, but with a bit of planning and some clever questions you can do your best to pin down whether a new yard will be right for you and your horse before you take the plunge. Follow our expert advice from livery yard owner Stephanie Buchanan, who runs the Armour Centre Saddle Club in Dorset ...

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Fitting and removing studs

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Jenny Ellis, 10 April 2014 09:59

If you're heading off competing and the conditions mean you're after a bit more grip underfoot, or even if you're just schooling on grass and are worried about slipping, studs can be the answer. Expert groom Jenny Ellis explains her step-by-step advice on fitting and removing studs in our video below, and also gives an overview of the considerations for ...

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Find out how to get your perfect equine career

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Emma Dyer, 10 April 2014 09:18

Emma Dyer took the plunge to set up her own business,, after being made redundant, and she hasn't looked back. Here’s her advice on forging your dream equine career, whatever your circumstances now.  “Whatever job you’re interested in, it always pays to do your research and make yourself as appealing as possible to employers. If you’re coming from outside ...

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Aids Explained: In-hand

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Katy Islip, 12 March 2014 09:10

As our Aids Explained schooling series continues in-hand, we've asked classical trainer Diane Followell to explain each exercise as an audio download, so you can listen and learn while you're working with your horse. From improving his halt to increasing suppleness and collection, she'll have it covered as our series progresses, while if you've never trained your horse in-hand don't ...

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Help a cast horse to freedom

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Helen Milbank, 12 February 2014 12:50

If your horse gets cast in his stable, follow our five-step guide to help free him: Step 1 Recruit the help of two experienced friends and get kitted out in riding hats, gloves and sturdy boots. When you feel safe, enter your horse’s stable with caution and stay on your guard at all times. Keep the stable door wide open ...

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Simple steps to successful handling

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Jason Webb, 10 February 2014 13:03

When it comes to handling your horse, the better behaved he is the easier life will be for you both. In my latest Open Clinic feature (Spring issue, 384) I explained how to tackle problems with handling your horse’s legs and feet, but there are two simple exercises you need to master first in order to successfully address such issues. ...

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Guide to trimming your horse

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Katy Islip, 10 February 2014 12:28

Whether you've clipped your horse or not this winter, a little bit of trimming will go a long way towards making him look smart all the way to spring. We've asked top groom Jenny Ellis for her tips on trimming muzzles, ears, bridle paths and legs, so check our our video for a round-up of her advice here and get ...

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Post-ride cool-down

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Katy Islip, 21 January 2014 15:49

Winter riding plus winter coats can add up to a sweaty, hot horse, even if he's clipped out. Our expert groom Jenny Ellis shares her tips for effectively cooling your horse down after your ride, as well as get him clean and dry in no time at all. Read more in the March 2014 issue 383 of Your Horse magazine   ...

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Lungeing | Total Confidence Month One

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Rosie Jones, 21 January 2014 14:32

Having a lesson on the lunge without stirrups is a fantastic way to help develop your position, stability and core strength and will enable you to get riding fit in no time! Watch our advice from Intelligent Horsemanship pro Rosie Jones. Find out more about Rosie's advice in the second installment of Total Confidence 2014 in Your Horse magazine (383 on sale 23 January ...