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Winter Hooves

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Your Horse, 06 January 2012 09:36

Hooves take a hammering in winter time. First a prolonged wet spell softens the feet, then if followed by a cold snap, the hard rutty fields will cause bruising or even possibly ligament and tendon strain.  In winter most vets see at least two or three ‘pus-in-the-foot’ cases every week. A bruise under a soggy sole provides the perfect growing environment ...

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10 ways to save money in the winter

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Your Horse, 20 December 2010 16:41

There’s no escaping the fact that horses cost a small fortune to keep, but before you drown in an overdraft the size of an indoor school, follow our tips to help you trim your outgoings this winter and save your hardearned cash. 1. As the bulk of the UK experienced a dry start to the summer, many farmers failed to ...

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What kind of work and why?

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Your Horse, 18 October 2010 09:27

Dr Raf Freire, a lecturer in animal behaviour and welfare at Charles Sturt University, New South Wales, carried out a study involving 24 horses to assess the influence of exercise on their behaviour. They looked at how stabled horses behaved when they were given an hour’s exercise a day compared with no exercise. Four different exercise regimes were used – ...

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Golden rules for taking your horse on Holiday

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Your Horse, 21 July 2010 12:32

Follow these rules to keep both yourself and your horse healthy and safe - Remember you're responsible for insurance for yourself, your horse and your equiptment. BHS gold members benefit from third party insurance cover and public liability up to 10million. - When you travel your horse, remember to take his passport with you and keep it safe. - You're ...