12 ways to help your horse cope with box rest

By Your Horse

Grooming and Care Advice

28 May 2012 11:41

No one enjoys having their horse on box rest, so read our 12 ways to help you cope with box rest and ensure that you're prepared to make the best of a bad situation...

1. Reduce concentrates and increase the fibre content of your horse’s diet

2. Consider adding a prebiotic or probiotic supplement to feeds to aid digestion

3. Hang hay nets in different places around the stable and/or place hay on the ground for more natural feeding

4. Double netting hay and using nets with smaller holes can reduce the speed at which your horse consumes forage, keeping him occupied for longer

5.Keep feeds interesting by adding a variety of succulents such as carrots, apples etc

6. Consider adding a variety of tastes to feeds such as garlic, mint and dried fruit or herbs

7. Some horses enjoy the sound of a radio playing during the day

8. Turnips or swedes suspended from a rope can create inexpensive boredom buster toys

9. Give your horse extra attention every day –  grooming, massaging and spending time together

10. A carefully positioned stable mirror may help your horse to relax

11. Encourage intake of fluids by soaking hay and/or feeds

12. Supervise the use of boredom buster toys and limit availability so your horse doesn’t become frustrated or lose interest