Finding the right farrier

By Your Horse

Grooming and Care Advice

24 May 2012 11:22

It can be hard finding the right person to tend your horse’s feet, but the Farriers Registration Council suggests the following guidance.

- Asking questions shouldn’t be a problem, so have an in-depth discussion with your potential farrier about your horse’s requirements. When it comes
to changes or treatments, you should understand what is being proposed and why, how it will be done and any possible side-effects

- Also discuss terms and conditions, fees, payment methods and contact arrangements with your prospective farrier – you need a clear understanding of the service you can expect right from the start

- Only farriers registered with the council can legally practise in the UK, so look for the red registration badge on their windscreen, ask to see their personal registration card or look them up on the council’s website  

For more information and to search for registered farriers in your area call the council on 01733 319911 or visit