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Top international eventer Karen Dixon has been involved with ex-racehorses since the age of 15, when her mother bought her a horse called Running Bear straight from the track. Two years later that horse took her to the Junior European Championships.

Now Karen admits she has a real soft spot for TBs, and she is regularly involved in their training both for the track and in retraining for other disciplines.

In this video Karen shows how she works a four-year-old who needs to learn to look after himself over hurdles, and a six-year-old who is being retrained for eventing.

This was filmed at Your Horse Live 2009 - to view more demonstrations click here...

Part One

Working a green horse in a Pessoa to teach about contact and moving in a rhythm. This young horse is also worked over poles so he learns to negotiate them without help from the rider.

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Part Two

Moving the education on to mounted work. Helping the horse to look after himself with a rider on board, consistency in training and teaching rhythm and balance.

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Part Three

Introducing a six-year-old mare being retrained as an eventer. This horse is more educated but still has lots to learn and here Karen is tackling straightness.

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Part Four

Tackling spooky objects and jumps by patiently building up confidence. Watch out for the rider fall!

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