Sylvia Loch | Your Horse Live 2011 | Celebrity Training Videos

Sylvia is the UKs leading authority on Classical Riding, and is highly regarded across the globe. She is a frequent giver of classical demonstrations both here and abroad, and is much in demand as a teacher.

In her demonstration at Your Horse Live she explained how the principles of Classical Riding can benefit any horse and rider, from Novice to Grand Prix.

These videos were filmed at Your Horse Live 2011 - to view more demonstrations click here...

Part One

In part one, Sylvia introduces herself and her rider and explains to the audience why it is bad to pull your horse's neck down and the importance of letting him see with the help of her cardboard horse, Dobin.

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Part Two

In part two, Sylvia asks Sarah and Ester to demonstrate the importance of keeping a contact without pulling on the reins.

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Part Three

In the third part, Sylvia rides Esther and demonstrates to the audience the advantage in slowing down your riding and why you shouldn't let all the energy out at once.

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Part Four

In the final part, Sylvia asks Sarah to see if she can make Esther lift a little more in the forehand and come up to meet Sarah through the middle of the back using her body posture.

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