Sylvia Loch at Your Horse Live 2009: part 1

By Sylvia Loch

Celebrity training videos

30 May 2010 11:14

Sylvia Loch is one of the best-known proponents of classical equitation. She tours the world teaching good, old-fashioned horsemanship, which means schooling and training using patience and expertise – not gadgets and punishment.

Sylvia was kind enough to demonstrate at last year’s Your Horse Live, where she worked with an advanced dressage horse to show us how to warm up effectively and move on to more advanced movements at an appropriate pace for the horse.

Her kind, commonsense methods are in stark contrast to some of the advice given to riders today, and make for interesting and informative viewing.

Video 1 – The warm up

Sylvia explains why she doesn’t work her horses long and low when she first starts to warm up.

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