Your Horse Live videos

Watch our fantastic demonstrations from Your Horse Live including Carl Hester, Beverley Brightman, Geoff Billington, William Fox-Pitt, Tim Stockdale, Oliver Townend, Ruth Edge, Parelli, Monty Roberts and many more...

Your Horse Live 2014

Every year Your Horse Live just gets better and better, and this year was no exception!

Take a look at videos from our event where dressage star Carl Hester shows that any horse can do dressage by bringing along a cob, Ben Hobday entertains crowds with his debut appearance, Jason Webb comes back with even more behavioral advice and much more.

Also, watch our interviews where we go backstage to speak with our experts and celebrities to find out more about them.

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Your Horse Live 2013



Your Horse Live 2012


Your Horse Live 2011

Smashing record attendance from last year, Your Horse Live 2011 was a massive success. With demonstraions featuring top celebrities, over 300 exhibitors offering fantastic bargains, all the information you need on our Q&A Live and Improve your riding zone, there was something for everyone!

Have a look behind the scenes, see our interviews, and get a peek at the demonstrations by Geoff Billington, Oliver Townend, Anna Ross-Davies, Laura Bechtolsheimer, Rockin' Horses, Jason Webb, Charlie Unwin, and many more...

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Your Horse Live 2010

With a record attendance of 15,226, over 300 horsey stands and umpteen top celebrities wowing the crowds with special demos, Your Horse Live! 2010 proved a roaring success.

Have a look at videos of the whole event, behind the scenes, and get a peek at the demonstrations by Lucinda and Clayton Fredericks,  Geoff Luckett, Richard Maxwell, Michael and Maria Eilberg, Karen Dixon, Rockin' Horse, Mary Wanless, Claire Lilley and Beverley Brightman

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Your Horse Live 2009

Your Horse Live 2009 was a great success and now you can watch some of the fantastic demonstrations online! Online now are Tim Stockdale and Oliver Townend, with Andrew Gould, Karen Dixon, Sylvia Loch and the Met Police coming soon!

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Your Horse Live 2008

In this collection you can watch Beverley Brightman, Carl Hester, Charles Wilson, Dave Deptford, Paul Hayler, Geoff Billington, Monty Roberts, Kelly Marks, Parelli and Rockin' Horse.

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Your Horse Live 2007

In this section, you can watch demos by Beverley Brightman, Carl Hester, Charlotte Dennis, David Stuart, Chris Bartle, Endurance GB, Greater Manchester Police, Matt Ryan, Paul Hayler, Ruth Edge and William Fox-Pitt.

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