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Our new Win and Learn series is unique – you can learn skills and win prizes at the same time. How good is that!

Our Win and Learn series gave readers the chance of winning not only a £27,000 Horse Box from Equi-Trek but each week could win with Musto, Petplan Equine, Tekna, Chestfields, and Dodson & Horrell.

These competitions have now closed and winners have been announced but you can still see our great tips on a range of subjects: 

Win and Learn Week One - Jump Dog-Legs Correctly

Show Jumping trainer Carol Mailer gives expert advice on how to jump dog-legs correctly and how to make those turns even tighter - essential for a good jump off technique

Win and Learn Week Two - Showing

Riding a show doesn't have to be difficult. So long as you and your horse are having fun, and he's going well for you, then that's all that matter. Many riders tend to get disheartened when they don't get placed or haven't done as well as they'd hoped.

See our top tips for riding a good show..

Win and Learn Week Three - Riding the perfect centre line

If there's one thing guarenteed to knock you down the placings in a dressage competition, it's a careless mistake, and 'crooked down the centre line' is up there with poor turnout and sloppy riding in the list of things that most aggravate judges.

Watch our video and follow our tips..

Win and Learn Week Five - How to deal with a bad situation

There are many situations we all prepare for and hope never happens, but what if you came to your yard to find all your tack has been stolen or your horsebox has been tampered with?

We show you how to handle a bad situation and what to prepare for your insurance company..

Win and Learn Week Six - Fit to event

Eventings a risky sport - that's what makes it such an adrenaline rush - but the biggest thing you can do to stay safe is to ensure your horse is fit, well schooled and able to cope with the challenges he'll face out on the cross-country course. Whether you're training for an affiliated Advanced event or about to pop round your first intro class, you need to focus on your horse's fitness levels.

So watch our video and follow our tips and make every hack and schooling session really count this winter.