Spring advice

Spring brings many benefits - like longer evenings and brighter weather - so use this great horse care guide to help you make the most of them...

Prevent mareish behaviour

The turn in the weather sparks less-than-desirable behaviour in our mares, largely caused by them coming into season. Equine vet Gil Riley gives his advice on how to control raging hormones.

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Get your horse fit

Make sure your horse is fit and ready for spring with some great fittening advice from endurance rider Liz Taylor.

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Grooming and hoof care

Get rid of the remains of winter with a thorough grooming session and give some attention to his feet.

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Watch his weight

The spring grass has finally arrived and your horse will probably be eating his head off! Keep an eye on him and don't let his weight get out of control.

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Laminitis prevention

Spring is one of the most likely times for this dreaded disease to strike. Take action now to stop it happening.

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Flies and sweet itch

Get on top of flies early to stop them pestering your horse for the rest of the season. We show you how.

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Gassy Colic

This time of year is a danger period for gassy colic but don't let ill health ruin your horse's spring. Here's how to keep him happy and healthy from the inside out... 

Time to spring clean

This time of year is perfect for giving everything an good airing - so get your scrubbing brush out and get to work!

Perfect field care

Your pasture needs a little attention at this time of year to give the grazing a boost after the long hard winter - and keep it in tip-top condition for the rest of the year.