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If you've got a problem with your riding - or simply want to know how to do something - the chances are you'll find the solution here!

Your Horse has pulled together all its 'How to' guides to help you find the answers to your riding problems so you can get on and enjoy your horse.

Below you will find sections to help you with your dressage, general riding, ridden behaviour problems, show jumping and cross country.

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How to do the best in dressage

Our advice and tips on refining the skills of you and your horse ready for those dressage competitions or just for fun!

How to calm your horse

Is your horse too hot to handle? Does he spook at every opportunity? If so he needs to calm down and relax!

We speak to International Eventer Ruth Mazet who gives us an exercise that puts the horse into a state of submission and obedience.

How to improve trust

Trust is the fundamental foundation that every horse and rider needs in place before they can progress and build on their training. A crucial element of building trust is getting your horse to feel safe with you and listen to what you are asking.

Western rider and trainer, David Deptford gives 4 exercises you can use to help improve trust between rider and horse.

How to improve your riding

Some fantastic tips to aid and improve aspects of your riding, giving you a professional edge.

How to deal with bad riding behaviour

From bolting to rearing, we can help solve your problems.

How to make catching your horse easy

The horse who can't be caught has essentially gone wild. He's living by his instincts. There is, however a way to win back your horse's trust and confidence. We speak to Ruth Mazet who gives her expert advice...

How to solve your leaning problems

This is a case of 'equal and opposite reaction'. Your horse will only pull or snatch at the reins, or lean on the bit when there is something to lean on or pull against. It's rather like a tug-of-war - each side (horse and rider) pulls against the other in the hope of winning, or in this case, getting what they want.

Ruth Mazet shows what to do about it..

How to manage vices

Vices can be frustrating and downright difficult to deal with - our experts show you how to cope.

How to spice up your lunge session

We give you 9 essential lungeing exercises that you can do in just 20 minutes.

How to solve show jumping issues

If you have problems getting your horse to jump correctly or confidence issues yourself we have advice here to help.

How to introduce a Double Bridle

Claire Lilley shows reader Deborah Powell how to introduce her horse Dotty to the double bridle, and explains it's features and how to use it.

How to improve cross-country riding

Mary King takes time out to improve your cross-country technique, from jumps to steering.