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Hard-working RDA pony Bobbysocks wins Year of the Horse award

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Katy Islip, 20 October 2014 17:38

• Welsh pony Bobbysocks has helped hundreds of children during his Riding for the Disabled career• British Equestrian Trade Association ran competition to mark Chinese Year of the Horse• 26 year old will go into partial retirement this autumn after many years of service A pony who has helped hundreds of children enjoy riding through charity Riding for the Disabled (RDA) has been ...

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Michael Whitaker wins Rikstoto Grand Prix in Oslo

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Imogen Johnson, 20 October 2014 16:42

• Michael’s winning round shaved 0.02 seconds of leading rider, Jur Vrieling’s time • The course, designed by Uliano Vezzani, saw almost half the twenty-four strong field qualify for the jump-off• Whitaker claimed it was a ‘fast class’ British show jumper Michael Whitaker from Nottinghamshire wowed the crowds when he won the Rikstoto Grand Prix in Oslo on Saturday with a super fast ...



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Horse Care

Is this horse swayback and suitable for driving?

I hope noone recognises the person who runs this business as it is not in my interests to discredit them. If they make any mistake I am sure it is accidental.  In the unlikely event anyone does recognise who it is please refrain from blabbing, because I will mention anything important to the owners if it is necessary myself.

 I don't own horses myself but I know the odd thing, including what a swaybacked horse generally looks like. And this kind of fits the bill! This person is dead chuffed to have a new horse for pulling their carriages, and ...

  • 19 October 2014 04:39 | Juzasking
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Has anyone ever used horse ear plugs

 Hi I have recently moved house and my new hacking routes are all up on top of a mountain it's very open and windy and my horse is a bit spooky I was wondering if ear plugs might help him to relax I think it's noise that is unnerving him ...........has anyone used ear plugs before are they any good and how easy are they to remove thanks in advance .......linzi