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Riding and Training

Cheap **** Glasgow

 Cheap **** Glasgow. Cheapest **** in Glasgow. 30 ex display **** to clear. Cheap **** £595 with appliances. Cheap **** Glasgow. Cheap **** Glasgow.

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Nicola Young

Horse Care

Live feeding advice

Hello Your Horse readers,

Tonight from 7pm until 8pm, Dengie Nutritionist Tracey Hammond will live on the Your Horse website answering your feed-related questions.

Tracey joined Dengie in 2002 in the Sales Orders Office and on completing her degree in Animal Science & Behaviour she moved to the nutrition team in May 2004. She completed her MSc in Equine Science with distinction in 2005 with her research project focussing on feeding behaviour and the effects of the use of a grazing muzzle on grass intake and grazing behaviour.

Tracey owns Polo, a 15.2hh Appaloosa mare and they happily ...



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Welcome To Your Horse Forum

Just asking???

 Hello . Thought I would ask does any one know any good vets in Ayrshire .   I do and they are really good but I thought I would still ask so is the farra that I get .Any thing new to ask some times I do not know what today on site and the things I do say sounds silly most of time .   From Mary take care all

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Riding and Training

Put on some weight - am I to heavy to ride now?

 Hello! I have been looking at buying my own horse again (after loosing my gelding last year) but due to personal problems I have gained some weight over the past year and I have hit the riding school - that I work and ride at - weight limit (which is 11st 7lb or 161lb ) - I am 11st 6lb but am I light enough to ride? If so is there any types you would recommend? I know every horse is different but just generally?



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