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Have you ever wondered why you bounce in sitting trot, why you can half pass to the right but not to the left or why your instructor keeps saying you're crooked? Perhaps Personal Best can help you find the answers.

Chartered physiotherapist, Louise Broom has over 15 years experience of coaching and competing. Using her unique blend of skills and cutting edge technology she can identify the cause of asymmetries, poor posture and crookedness. Working together in the lab and independently on your home exercise programme will improve your performance by increasing body awareness, alignment, balance, strength and control.

The Pliance pressure mat assesses the symmetry and stability of your seat. The recordings are projected onto a screen in front of you allowing you to see how you are sitting and make corrections.

You will also be videoed from the side and behind to allow you to see how you can improve your position.

Louise will then do a thorough physiotherapy assessment of your range of movement, body awareness, balance, alignment and strength. You will be given an individualised exercise programme based around your specific goals.

Rider analysis sessions are £75.00 and follow ups are £40.00.

Click here for the video

For more information, visit or find me on facebook

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Rider Performance Analysis


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