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Progressive school exercises for dressage and jumping by Islay Auty


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Progressive school exercises for dressage and jumping by Islay Auty: This text aims to provide a collection of exercises, on the flat and over fences, specifically designed for use in training more experienced riders and horses, whether in groups or as individuals, or schooling at home. Specially chosen ridden exercises aim to improve: in the horse - rhythm, impulsion, balance, elasticity, straightness, athleticism, suppleness, obedience and self-carriage. In the rider - balance, effectiveness, accuracy, co-ordination, forward planning, feel, and the ability to see a stride when jumping. The book is divided into groups of related exercises, each accompanied by a full description, the relevant aids, teaching hints, and advice on remedying typical faults. Exercises include: loops and circles; movements with transitions; work on diagonal lines; moving away from the leg; leg yield; developing canter; counter canter; shoulder-in; jumping exercises over grids, doubles and related distances. This book is the follow-up to "School Exercises for Flatwork and Jumping".


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Your Horse rating
rating is 4


• Your Horse writer Julie Brown who owns Boris and competes at BE Intro level.
• Allison Lowther  who owns Jester and competes at Pre-Novice level eventing.
• Your Horse writer Hannah who rides Scrumpy and has competed at Prelim dressage.

Content: 4
Helpful: 4
Value for money: 4.5
Verdict: 4/5

What’s great?

This is packed with diagrams that take the reader through progressive exercises to help them in all areas of schooling. The explanations are easy to follow and are backed up by clear diagrams to make sure you know what to do. All our testers agreed it’s a practical, no-frills book which is really useful.

What’s not so great?

There aren’t many photos and it’s all in black and white.

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Progressive school exercises for dressage and jumping by Islay Auty


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