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Pikeur Ciara Breeches


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Pikeur Ciara Breeches are fashionable breeches with a low, wide waistband and angled pockets. Available with knee patches (Ciara) or with a full seat leather panel (Cindy). Made from a multi-stretch cotton with microfibre.

Colours: Wide range of colours available
Sizes: 20in to 34in
Contact: 01335 372600

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Your Horse rating
rating is 4

These breeches are made from a really lightweight but stretchy material making them perfect for warmer days. I like the style of them. The material works with you and there's no restriction around the knee.
The version I have has knee patches, which gives a little bit of grip when you're riding but not too much. Normally I'd go for full seat breeches but I've been more than happy with just the knee patches!
They've washed well and dry extremely quickly, which is good as these are my  preferred breeches at the moment.
However, they are expensive, so I hope they last for a while.

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Pikeur Ciara Breeches


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