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Point Two Equine inflatable air jacket


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Features: The Point Two Equine inflatable air jacket: These new jackets can be worn on their own but more commonly over the top of your body protector. Once inflated the jacket provides shock absorption, distributes pressure and, above all, effectively makes the spine column rigid so that the neck and trunk have limited movement. The coiled wire of the jacket connects with the holding strap placed on your saddle. After the rider has mounted the saddle, she clips the two ends together. The airbag will only be activated if the rider is separated from the horse – it will inflate within 0.2 seconds – protecting the all important areas of the body, the neck, ribs and coccyx. After inflation the CO² gas cartridge needs replacing and thus is quick and easy to do.

Your Horse review

Your Horse rating
rating is 4.5

YH tester says:

The concept of this product is an excellent one and, since I’ve been testing it, I’ve not been cross-country without it. I’ve been fortunate enough not to have fallen off while wearing it, but a few other riders I know have been less fortunate and spoken highly of the additional protection the jacket offers. They’re all certain the jacket prevented bruising and potential broken bones.

I have, however, accidently jumped off my horse forgetting to unclip the fastening from the saddle and found myself inflated! You have to get into the habit of unclipping it before you dismount. Correct fitting is vital, the jacket will feel tight when it inflates but it’s not uncomfortable. Once the jacket has inflated you do need to replace the gas cylinder, which is quick and easy to do. Once the jacket has inflated to cushion your fall, it quickly deflates.

Initially I thought the cord that attaches the jacket to the front of the saddle would get in the way, but I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t notice it all, even when riding cross-country. The jacket is very light and not restrictive, so you hardly know you’re wearing it. It doesn’t look stylish, but maybe in the future it will be available in your cross-country colours.

I found this jacket to be excellent and, although expensive, it’s good value for money. I would advise anyone to wear one as the inflatable jacket can only help to prevent potentially more serious injuries in a fall.

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Point Two Equine inflatable air jacket


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