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Uncle Jimmy's Hangin' Balls


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Uncle Jimmy's Hangin' Balls is a vitamin and mineral packed ball to keep your horse amused for hours.

Flavours Apple, carrot, peppermint and molasses
Price £10.35 for 1.59kg
Retailer: or call 01522 529 206

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Your Horse rating
rating is 3

This ball is a great idea – the round shape means your horse can’t grab hold of it and bite chunks off it. Kishon had to lick it, which kept him occupied for hours. It’s quite heavy and solid – he banged his head on it several times and so did I, which hurt! The biggest problem I have with this ball is it’s very sticky. Kishon managed to get quite sticky all around his nose, face and ears. When he lay down overnight shavings stuck to him – he looked a right mess in the morning. It didn’t brush off and the only way we could get him clean was to wash it off, which isn’t ideal. This happened several times before we decided to take it down – it was just too messy!

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Uncle Jimmy's Hangin' Balls


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